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Our Aim is the Partnership Enterprise as a Production Base
from the Development Stage to the Finished Goods

We have been a producing enterprise for forty years now.
What we produce and how we do it has changed as the years passed by, but our thinking did not: Producing things means producing men, and this again means, producing dreams.
1986, a pioneer enterprise in liquid crystal displays, 1992, the twenty-fifth certification of the international quality norm ISO9000 issued in Japan, 1988, turning the world's first five-button digital picking system into a product. Never afraid of new areas, we have always been eager to challenge.
This productive energy will be important for us in the future, too. What we will be doing here in Yonezawa is, train working forces, improve our skills and techniques, develop new products, aim at the partnership enterprise that can be a production base from the development stage to the finished goods, and thus, meet the expectations of first-rate customers. My thanks for your support.

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