Destribution and Production Solution

Picking systems for sorting!
Handy sorting systems for the sorting room.

To support both distribution and production sites, we are offering goods systems. There are digital picking systems for fast and precise sorting of goods as well as indication boards to control the productive process and digital large indicators for temperature and humidity. We offer goods and know-how stemming from many years of production experience and the necessities of the various sites.

Our spesial home page for distribution and production systems.

Sorting made easy through digital picking

Digital picking systems

Support for the acceptance or delivery of foods, groceries, stationery, cosmetics, apparel, medicine, etc.

Digital cart systems

No new installations necessary: sorting through cart movement.

Parts control systems

Systems for integrated management of delivery and acceptance of parts, machine installation and stocktaking.
Example: Protection against mistakes at parts installation, connected with SMT Line.

Display equipment supports production

Food producers, textile producers, printing industries, medical producers, electronic or precision machinery industries, farming, horticulture – these systems are useful for all of these. Indicators for all sorts of information are offered as well.

  • LCD Application
  • Medical Application
  • Lighting
  • OLED Lighting

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